Friday, February 25, 2011

Change is life

Blogging after really really long time. And today I want to blog about things which I have realized recently. Things which I am trying to implement in my life lately. Well, title of this post is also a thing which I have realized very recently -change is life. Life is indeed not predictable, constant. Rather its random and dynamic.

- ALWAYS believe in yourself.
- Do things as YOU know.
- Be dynamic. Live in present and cope-up with changes.
- No prejudices. Live as if you are first person on earth.
- Argue "in favor of" something rather against something.
- Protect your own value system, no matter what.
- Nothing is more important than your self-respect.
- Truth is not what can be proven. Neither it is what majority says.

So, what have YOU learnt recently? What are YOU implementing in your life lately?